norco 7.5 325 vs percocet - which is stronger?

Discussion in 'Pain Management & Painkillers' started by malakai76, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. malakai76

    malakai76 New Member

    Can anyone tell me the strength difference between Norco 7.5/325 and percocet5/325? Any idea on which one would be a stronger dose? Need your opinions please!!
  2. batman

    batman Member

    Definitely Percocet is stronger. Norco (hydrocodone) is more potent than most OTC painkillers. - but Percocet is amongst the strongest prescription painkillers.
  3. buckaroo

    buckaroo New Member

    Oxy(Percs) is more potent mg for mg...but in this case 7.5mg norco is a tad bit stronger than 5mg Percocet I think, but it’s a very fine line between the two. The pain relief is almost the same in both the cases. Percocet is oxycodone and norco is hydrocodone.
  4. beatrix

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    My son underwent a hernia operation 4 days back and was put on Percocet, 1-2 pills every six hours for pain relief. But it turned out ineffective and made him sick too, to an extent that he couldn’t even keep liquid down. I felt very bad for him and I gave him a pill of my norco. After that he was able to have some soup, keep it down and even move around a little bit. It also helped him relieve his pain to a great extent. So for my son - Norco seemed better and he could tolerate it better.
  5. aurelia

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    I read somewhere that Percocet is oxycodone plus something else; I am unable to recollect its name and it is a very strong pain reliever. But yes, there are high chances one may experience nausea because of acetaminophen present in it. Do not give medicines by yourself to your son. It could be dangerous. Speak to your doctor about it and ask him if it is possible to switch the pill, if not, then at least he can be given anti-nausea pills. I hope your son feels better soon.
  6. ErectileReptile

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    Nausea is a common side effect of Percocet because the medicine makes a rapid influx in the system. It is a very strong drug indeed. Check with the hospital nurse or pharmacist if the pill can be split into equal halves and given it to your son at regular intervals.
  7. ayaan

    ayaan New Member

    I was first given 5mg Percocet, which my body managed to take easily. So, my doctor increased my dosage to 10mg and then to my utter dismay, it stopped working completely. The doctor said I have a high tolerance level to narcotic medications and finally I was put on 40mg oxycontin. I think what works for you depends on how well your body takes it. None of them caused any side-effects in my case. Even certain vitamins were useful in giving me pain relief.
  8. donkeyman

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    I have never been through any major surgery (touchwood) but I have heard that both narco and perco are high potency drugs. My only experience with painkillers is when I had my dental extractions. Tooth pain is also not at all easy to handle. It really gets on your nerves. I have been to 2 dentists and both of them (only on my request) prescribe Vicodin for post extraction pain relief. They usually suggest you to pop in ibuprofen and if that doesn’t work, only then they ask you to use vicodin.