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  1. cherry

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    I've been prescribed Soma for both migraines and bulging discs. I ordered from a place called DO NOT BUY! They are a large white pill with a scored line down the back . They haven't done anything at all. I hear they're from India , which isn't good. The blister pack is brown with pain-o-Soma on back but nothing else. I couldn't get anyone to email me nor do they answer a # listed in Boston. However, the package came from Texas! Wtf? Has anyone else used this website or used these pills?? I need answers and I'm not getting anywhere through their website!
  2. BigDaddy

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    Have you checked the strip for the manurfacturer.Pain-O-Soma is manufactured by Hab Pharmaceuticals and if you got te right ones, they should work imo.

  3. barnaby

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    I ordered from the same place. I found myself having a bad night ..So I took a half of the pain o soma.Nothing.So 2 hours later I took the other half.I should have been passed out..So I think they are not working..And I to would like to know the ingredients.I wonder if there is a place,a lab to have pills analyzed. So now I am on the hunt again looking for a descent Soma.A half of one will do.My doctor will only give me 10 pills a year.He says they are watching him?