Penis size before and after weight loss

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  1. bates

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    I am 19 years, 5'10" and 220 lbs. I used to be almost 250 lbs. I plan to loose some more weight to reach my target of 180 lbs.

    During this weight loss, I observed that my weight loss has not affected my penis's size in any ways – length or girth. I am 5" long and almost same in girth. Won't mind if I can increase the length by anywhere near an inch.

    I have a couple of questions, whether anyone has gone through a weight loss program and if their penis length increased at the end of the program? And if so, when was the change observed??

    Once I reach my target weight, I expect to gain almost 2 inches. If that does not happen, I plan to do PE. Can someone (pretty!) please give me crash course on that?
  2. House

    House Administrator Staff Member

    The most likely gains on length you would see would come not from an actual increase but, release of your penis from the fat folds of your body. Weight loss achieved using diet control alone will cause muscle loss. You need to shed fat. I suggest that you start a weights and cardio combo program along with your diet control plan.
    By the way, according to Dr Oz an overweight man can gain 1 inch of length with loss of 35 lbs of weight!

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  3. Harper

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    I have been through what you are planning now! The expected gain in length can be checked now. Use a scale to measure your erect penis by pressing the scale against your body. That amount of length would be released and become visible from the fat loss. I was similar to you. I suggest that you keep your focus on losing weight and whatever extras that come in, would be like extra topping in a pizza!
  4. zee

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    I have been through similar but much more drastic reduction. Reducing 100lbs from 310 to 210 now. This happened over two years. I am 6'3". I have started PE recently and can report that my two months of PE has given me more gains than my two years of weight reduction had. Do follow your diet plan but, add PE to your routine to see real gains.
  5. pedro

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    I would suggest that you add ginseng and green tea to your diet. Both are proven to improve circulation and testosterone levels; so, can be categorized as proven penis enlargers!
  6. sugarman

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    As such one cannot gain size by losing fat. The overall size of the body reduces allowing one to see things like feet even while standing erect which otherwise would be impossible with a big tummy. Same would be the case with a penis. You would be able to see more of it. But, there won't be any size changes. If you want to see some gains on that front, suggest you start some PE routine along with the weight reduction plan. Have fun!
  7. lander31

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    From personal experience I can vouch that the dick size seems bigger, after the weight loss. I have lost around 75 lbs and after doing that I can see more of my penis. Of course, may be it was always this size but, all this while it was hidden in the folds of my fat! I have not done measurements but, the 'little guy' looks bigger!
  8. batman

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    Here are my two cents! There are some who gain weight effortlessly and then there are some who can eat all they want and nothing happens to their bodies. My message is to the first group.
    Over the past winter I have put on a load of fat with solely myself to blame. Ate too much and never exercised. This has resulted in a bloated midriff. I Had gained almost 30 lbs. This has resulted in my fat pad swallowing up 1.5 inches of my length.

    I have seen a few documentaries that have shown research confirming our bodies trying to maintain a steady weight around a set point. The point is to stay healthy. I suggest that you start a cardio program along with your diet plan. And, you may end up seeing a reduced fat pad. This would happen along with rest of your body, no spot reductions happen, ever.

    Be reasonable with your targets and what you hope to achieve. Short term plans like pills may show immediate results but, ultimately may cause you to gain more weight in the long run. Go through the forum posts, I am sure you would pick up more than a few tips and guidance as to the ways that show results.
  9. graham

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    I started PE few moons ago. I was visibly obese and had to loose serious weight. Hit the gym and over a period of two years lost almost 80 lbs. This was in conjunction with changes to my diet which became more "healthy". From my experience, I can see "more" of my dick than before when I was overweight. I do have loose skin hanging around. But no identifiable fat pad.
  10. Ronnie

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    I am very curious to know, have any of you lost weight after starting PE? I am 36 and very strongly into PE. I expected to put on weight after I switched to beer from the stronger liquors and on the contrary, I find that I have actually lost some pounds that were otherwise very difficult to shake off.
    Anyone else experienced similar weight loss? Or, it is my metabolism going haywire?!
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  11. Dustin Jacobs

    Dustin Jacobs New Member

    I have actually heard that you get bigger when you lose a good amount of weight too... idk if its true or not... but hey- either way its def motivation to lose a few pounds, eh? ;) lmao
  12. HoundDog

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    Hey guys, when you folks say "I have started doing PE", what sort of enhancement procedures are you talking about? Thanks.