Pill found in back of my uber. Cannot find it online.

Discussion in 'General Health, Pharmacy & Drugs Support Forum' started by Jennyfer, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. Jennyfer

    Jennyfer New Member

    Two small round yellow pills with just an imprint of "E" on one side, nothing on other. It isn't glossy coated, yet still kinda coated. The only thing showing up is asprin coated 81 mg but they're the glossy pills. The "E" on the pill looks handmade. I have no idea what these kids had and I'm very curious on what to do. Took a picture but it's too big to post apparently. Cannot find the same pill anywhere on Google.
  2. House

    House Administrator Staff Member

    If its round and yellow with just the imprint E on one side, then it looks like asprin, and it probably is just Aspirin :p