Please tell me there is an alternative to US medicine for pain!

Discussion in 'Pain Management & Painkillers' started by Pam Jones, Jun 7, 2017.

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    Soooo, I am new here and diligently searching for a place to get Tramadol online....and actually get it....the real it. lol

    Have always hated pills, but have suffered severe pain in the feet for three years now. No insurance and meager servers income kept me from doing the visit to the podiatrist until it became unbearable.

    Apparently my arches are falling, AND that hurts. Got the custom orthotics, have literally survived on ibuprofen, aleve and tylenol for years.

    Family member had tramadol 50mg which helps with a couple inbuprofen. Another cash visit to doc only to learn that this is now considered an opiod. Really.....

    In Arizona it now requires playing the pain management game, doctors are useless when it comes to helping pain.

    Where can I go????

    I found so many links telling me I can get it overseas, but very leary to give out card info. Does ANYONE know of a legitimate solution???

    If there was out of country doctors who sign off on a script to keep it legal, that works too. Matter of fact, that would add to the credibility I struggle with, and I am happy to send my records from the podiatrist so they feel better too. :)