Round blue v 4812 fake pill?

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  1. Pickle

    Pickle New Member

    I have been taking Roxicodone 30 for over a year now and lately I have a feeling like I got a bad batch or perhaps fake pills. They look like the usual ones(V 4812 blue pill) but I have a feeling they are not the same. They feel different. Its a horrible worrying feeling when at the back of your mind you think you are taking something that's harming you. Any formula change or somethiong lately?
  2. Goodman

    Goodman New Member

    From the tone of your post it appears you have procured them online - so if you feel they are not working then they could well be fakes. What makes you feel they are fake? any specific symptoms?
  3. House

    House Administrator Staff Member

    There hasn't been any change in Roxy formulation. It could also be that you have built up a tolerance on account of long term usage.
  4. Pickle

    Pickle New Member

    They don't work the same and I also feel nauseous.
  5. Thunder

    Thunder New Member

    I got some fake roxies last year. They were rather brittle and easily broke. I snorted it and it burnt my nose, atleast it felt like it did that. I don't know where you are located, but I'm in Florida. There's been a lot of fake blues in Florida. It's ok to purchase lifestyle meds like viagra online, but the more serious meds, one has to be extra careful.
  6. Pickle

    Pickle New Member

    Ok, I forgot to mention, the V 4812 pills I got are blue all the way through even after I cut them in half. Is it supposed to be like that. I don't remember how the previous ones looked like because I never cut them in half. Just looking for clues.
  7. House

    House Administrator Staff Member

    They are blue all the way through! The pills are supplied as white for 5mg, green for 15mg and blue for 30mg.
  8. Pickle

    Pickle New Member

    Ok, another thing - the blue looks bit darker than normal I think and there's a darker blue rim around the outer edge. Any ideas!
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  9. MadDoctor

    MadDoctor New Member

    The ones that have the rim are legit (doesn't mean your's are btw). I know people who get them at CVS and they have the rim. Sometimes the dyes get darker too.
  10. Dfw1991

    Dfw1991 New Member

    Please someone help me I think I got fake V 4812 30’s. They taste a little different than usual when I smoke them and they burn more than usual. But the biggest thing bothering me is the imprint of the V and the 4812 are not the same on both pills. On one the 4812 is upside when the V is up right. And on the other the 4812 is up right when the V is but tilted slightly. Does this make sense?