Sharp pain in head that comes and goes meant brain tumor

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    My 18 year old son experiences short stabbing pains, lasting for almost 10-15 seconds a couple of times every day. We took him to the doctor every time he complained of one and the doctor dismissed it as migraine or exertion headaches. This went on for some time and last week he got a major headache out of nowhere which was so bad that he threw up saying his head was going to shatter to pieces. We rushed him to the hospital and by the time we got there his entire face had become swollen. Immediately, the doctors ordered for a CAT scan and it showed a 3cm diameter tumour with a 12cm cyst covering it. They even told me that the [pressure on his brain was too much and he may not make it through the operation. But Thank god that not only did he survive, but also recovered completely. It was his good luck that the doctor in the ER was very observant and insisted upon getting a CAT scan done; else he wouldn’t have been with us today. So, I would like to warn all of you not to ignore such short stabbing pains. Even if there might be nothing, insist your doctor on getting a scan done to make things clear.

    My son has been through enough traumas because of negligence. His tumour is a pilocytic astrocytoma, which is benign. The tumour did not pose an immediate risk to his life, but the overlying cyst and the pressure it laid on the brain were the causes of danger to his life. If the doctor hadn’t acted upon it quickly, it would have turned out to be fatal. This tumour usually affects younger children and if picked up at an early stage, this has a good cure rate as well. My son will now have to keep getting MRIs done at regular intervals because there are still residual cancer cells present. So, in order to keep things under check, he might have to undergo further radiation and chemo therapy. Let’s see what the doctors have to say!
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    Could you please elaborate on the nature of the pain? I want to know what kind of pain it was. Was it bad to a point where your son couldn’t stand it all or was it light? I am asking this because I have been getting anxiety attacks for over a month now and my doc had put me on Zoloft. The second week when I started taking them, I experienced weird sharp pains at the top portion of my head, which lasted only for 2-3 seconds. It was never very painful, but I started getting so worried about it that once I ended up in ER and they gave me neuro tests and at the end sent me home saying that it was only anxiety related. I have asked my doctors for CAT and MRI scan but they say it is not necessary as I am perfectly in good health.
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    The pain my son experienced were short but sharp ones. He would want to lie down till the pain lasted but in a few minutes of time, he would be completely back to normal. I am not saying that every pain in your head could be a brain tumour, but for your peace of mind, it is good to have yourself tested when such pains recur. The day we rushed him to the hospital even 45mg of morphine could not shift his pain. That is when the doctor recommended CAT scan and it actually saved his life. There was a major pressure build up in his head that was never looked into earlier because of his fit physical appearance.
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    Thank you for your reply. I got myself thoroughly checked by my doctors and they checked my eyes and told me that if there was some kind of pressure build up, it would definitely show in my eyes. I explained your son’s situation to them and they assured me there was nothing of that sort in my case. I am thinking of pushing them into getting a scan so that I can be doubly sure about it and it will help my mind to be at peace.
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    I had a short stabbing pain which made me spend about 5 hours in the ER. I persuaded my doctors to get a scan; so they did a CT and told me that I was neurologically healthy and there was nothing to be worried about. The doctors have now signed my discharge papers but I think an MRI should have been taken as well. Should I be consulting a neuro-specialist about the same?
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    Yes it is better that you get yourself referred to a specialist and its good in a way if you can get an MRI done because it shows things in more detail than the CAT scans. I do not think there is anything at all in your case but yes it is good to get yourself checked every once in a while.
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    My GP saw my results and he says things are completely fine with me and did not refer me to a specialist. He even said that an MRI is totally unnecessary and he doesn’t suggest getting one at this point. I am paying my bills after all, then why does he have to bother about the money. Anyways, I will go with the saying that, “doctors know the best”.
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    4 years back, I experienced dizziness and headaches. I went to a doctor who asked me to get an MRI done and it came out totally clear. But my symptoms are getting worse with every passing year. The dizziness is terrible and at times I experience stabbing headaches. I went to my GP but he said an MRI was unnecessary because I already have it done. But that was like 4 years back! I just hope everything is okay and there is nothing to be worried about. I really dunno how to convince my GP to take a look into the matter more seriously.