Sizegenetics Extender Results & Review

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  1. Axe

    Axe New Member

    Hey guys, I bought my kit of sizegenetics about 4-5 months back and there’s been an increase of 1cm since I started using it .
    Overall I am quite satisfied but I noticed that compared to other guys on different forums its not so much. They quote much better results and gains in the same time period. I know the results can vary from person to person and how everyone mentions that PE is a slow progression which makes me think it will take 2-3 years to achieve my target.

    Which does make me curious that if I had done things differently maybe I could have achieved higher gains?

    My schedule consisted of using sizegenetics almost every day for 8-10 hours and sometimes have rest days In between.

    I measured my completely stretched flaccid penis and set the SG , 1 cm above the same. I would keep moving the bars higher till I reached that set point.

    Currently I have the right number of bars set so it doesn’t need any adjustments. All I do is put it on and I am ready .( SG being positioned exactly 1 cm above my completely stretched penis)

    I would like to know from the experienced users here if my above method is fine and I could continue with the same. Any kind of helpful suggestions would be great.

    PS : I am also practicing manual training and Bathmate these days but I am sure its been done the right way.
  2. twentyfive

    twentyfive New Member

    What is more vital to the info you have provided above is that you need to specify the amount of tension you are adding.
  3. Axe

    Axe New Member

    That’s where my confusion Is I am skipping on the tension because the extender is set 1cm beyond my completely stretched penis hence I don’t need to make adjustments to the tensions bar at that level.
    I am just confused at this stage if it is ok for me to stretch beyond 1 cm of my completely stretched dick as per recommendation of sizegentics .
  4. House

    House Administrator Staff Member

    sizegenetics is all about tension as extenders are about weights . Both recommend anything in the range of 600-900 grams as the ideal .So as long as you are following that its way better to extend to 1cm or more. Just use the tension.
  5. Axe

    Axe New Member

    Fair enough HouseHouse - So incase I am about 5 1/8 with a full erection and 5 3/8 when stretched the the max in flaccid state. How far-off should I try stretching to ? I just don’t want to over-stretch or not stretch sufficiently. Need to keep it in ideal state.
  6. House

    House Administrator Staff Member

    Don’t have much idea about that. Tension will indicate how far you can do the stretching part and everyone’s range is different.
    If you are confused about the right way of applying tension, I remember seeing it in the size genetics video. Its illustrated by those 3 small lines on the bar, so I assume it uses 1500g springs and the scaling lines are at 500-1000-1500. You could try keeping it somewhere in the center of first and second one.
  7. Cells

    Cells New Member

    In my case as well I need atleast 4 months to see an increase of 1cm regardless of which routine I follow or how rigorous it is and also no matter which device U use.(I have been practicing PE from 2009 with some halts in between.)
    What is funny is that it usually takes me around 30 days to see a progress of 0.5cm and even when following the same schedule for next 2 months I will not see any gain other than the 0.5cm earlier. By the 4th month it starts growing beyond that 0.5 cm .
    This can be bothersome but it’s a point one needs to consider if he’s hoping for further growth.
    My aim is to reach 15.3 cm from my current 14 cms. I hope that I will achieve that goal in next 8-9 months even with the continuous efforts of PE everyday .
  8. Axe

    Axe New Member

    You sound a lot like me CellsCells
    My experience consists of lots of research on various websites with good reputation and also trying out lot of different extender related topics.

    About 1000-1200 hrs of efforts results in a gain of half an inch .
    So if I stick just to the extender with my current 5 3/8 , it would probably take me 9-10 months to reach 6 inches. Maybe 20 months for 7 inches and close to 29-30 for 8 inches and almost 3 years for 9 inches.

    Hence Ive started including bathmate /manual training these days and maybe start stretching a few months down the line.

    Currently my routine is somewhat like this
    1) 10 mins of bathmate warm up at pressure setting of 0 and warm water.
    2) Another 20 mins of bathmate period undertaking all the stretches and also doing kegels .
    3) 15 mins of jelqing which I plan to increase further.
    4) 9-12 hours of sizegentics
    5) Additional 20 mins of bathmate at night .
    6) 1 off day after 2 days.

    I am trying this method based on a site that mentioned that this is the best routine for late gainers like us. (Can get the hang of it with 3 months of breaking in)
  9. Rad

    Rad New Member

    That’s not how you can do predictions and calculations for penis enlargement. Just because you saw a growth of 1” in a year you will not see a gain of 5 in 5yr period. Its like working out , say you could gain 30kgs in a particular benching routine it , you won’t gain another 30kg in the same period of time. Instead it will take a lot more as the growth is not linear.
    Where did you get this info of 1000-1200 hours result in 0.5” growth ? Was the source a trusted one ? *Almost no source is reliable if they provide such info. They market on the basis one person’s result .If X person could achieve it , everyone can
  10. Bergen

    Bergen Guest

    Excuse me, I'm sorry to bump, but now that you have used this device for a year or more can you do an update report on its effectivness and progress? Thank you
  11. Axe

    Axe New Member

    I gained little over a half an inch within the first 6 months but then dont think gained anything in the 3 months after that. I just couldn't keep up with that schedule, to keep working your dick for so much time everyday is difficult. But I still do the bathmate and sizegenetics atleast thrice a day for a bit because it definitely improves erection quality in a pretty serious way! I would urge all to do these exercises.
  12. Blago

    Blago New Member

    Guys, just please go slow. I know that these gains are tempting, but if you aren't careful and overwork yourself you might hurt yourself and won't be able to extend for quite a while. Yes, it works if you are persistent, but many young guys fail to realise that more is not better.

    Axe, please tell me, for how do you have the erection improvement effect after using it? Thanks in advance, I'm considering it for that exact reason.
  13. Hulkster

    Hulkster New Member

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