Small hole in gum after wisdom teeth extraction,how long for it to close

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  1. Jerry

    Jerry New Member

    Should there be a hole where my wisdom tooth was? Four of my wisdom teeth were removed a week back, but there is still holes on the bottom portion where two of them were removed. Can anyone please tell me how long it takes for these holes to heal and if there is anything I can do to speed up the process? Thanks in advance for your responses.
  2. gregory

    gregory New Member

    Both of us are on the same boat. I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed 2 weeks back and I have been really anxious if the holes left behind would get covered up. It also makes me feel a lot uncomfortable while eating. So, I did some research and even asked my doctor how much time it would take for it to heal. It seems these holes have to heal from the bottom to the top. So it would take more than 3 weeks is what I got to know. My doctor even gave me a medicated mouth wash so that I can keep it clean especially after having food as there are good chances of food being lodged inside the holes, which can cause infection. So you better be careful about that.
  3. FartMan

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    Are you sure these holes get healed in a matter of weeks? I don’t think so. I too had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed 6 weeks back and I ended up developing an infection on one of my holes on the lower side. My cheeks were swollen and there was some white liquid discharge which came out from there. I went back to my dentist and he drained the fluid (which was painful again) and put me on anti-biotic (clyndimycen). The hole hasn’t healed yet and I rinse it with a medicated mouthwash and warm saltwater to keep it away from any further infections. My doctor informed me that it can take many months to get back to normal. Lucky are those who get healed in a matter of weeks.
  4. Justcrazy

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    I had mine removed a week back and I am sick and tired of these holes. Every time I eat something, food particles conveniently go and sit there. It is irritating!!! So, I too want to speed up the entire process, but reading the comments here I feel it works differently for different people. My mouth feels sore. My dentist has also prescribed an antibacterial mouthwash and has even asked me to be very careful during and after eating. For pain, he has given me ibuprofen and Tylenol of regular strength. The food lodging in the holes and the pain to get them out of there is really annoying,
  5. justMe

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    I can understand the pain because I am myself going through it now. I got mine extracted 10 days back and got my stitches removed yesterday. My dentist has warned me about the infection and particularly told me to keep rinsing every time I eat. She also gave me a syringe to rinse out the food particles in the gum hole. I must say, it works wonderful in getting them out. Last time I was rinsing out, I happened to see some white residue on my gums. I could understand what it is. Can anyone tell me? It looks a lot like fat tissues, but I am not sure. It doesn’t hurt. Has anyone else experienced this? I tried pulling it out with the syringe, but no luck!! So, please help with your responses, especially if it needs me to rush to the doctor.
  6. turpy

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    Have you been seeing it from the day your stitches were removed? If yes, then I presume it is a part of the clotting process. I don’t think you should meddle with it. Why don’t you call up your dentist and ask him what it probably could be. But do not try to pull it too much. You may invite more pain if you try to do that. Good luck:)
  7. Best

    Best New Member

    Has anyone experienced any burning sensation and pain as they rinse their wisdom teeth holes? The “hole” area burns badly every time I try to do so. Is there something wrong? Is it a sign of infection? Can someone share their opinion about it? Please do also let me know if I need to visit my dentist because of this. I would also like to mention that it is not there otherwise, not even when I brush or gargle with warm salt water. Please reply.
  8. Fiona

    Fiona New Member

    I got two of my wisdom teeth removed a week ago, one on the upper side and the other on the lower side. The upper one healed in 3 days, but the lower one still has the huge hole and it smells and tastes funny, actually lousy. I do all I can, brush, floss, rinse with salt water and mouthwash but it still feels the same. He then recommended Listerine, which seems to work for 15-30mins, but again the smell and taste are back. I have lost my appetite because of this. Also, I noticed something white inside the whole while having a close look at the hole and I fear the white thingy is responsible for this awful taste and odor. Can someone advise please:(
  9. Dragoness

    Dragoness New Member

    I too have this white muck coming out of my wisdom teeth hole and yes it is the one responsible for bad odour. I tried touching it with my tongue and it tastes yuckkkk! Since 2 days, it is breaking off bit by bit. My dentist asked me to rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash but I don’t think it is doing any good. It’s disgusting I tell you.
  10. rudy

    rudy New Member

    Your symptoms with white colour at the bottom sound similar to the symptoms of dry socket. But dry socket is known to cause pain. Are you experiencing any pain? I also had my wisdom tooth pulled out a few days back. One hole is almost healed and I can feel only slight tenderness in the same whereas the other is still a complete hole and has not healed yet. I wouldn’t call it as a bad taste, but I too experience a very weird unpleasant taste from that hole. Is it similar to what you guys are talking about?
  11. soben

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    Rinsing with warm salt water, brushing or flossing has not been helpful to take out the extra food particles hidden inside the holes. So what I do is slowly pick it up using a toothpick. At times, it really hurts while doing that if I am not careful enough. One has to be really patient to get it out without hurting oneself with a toothpick. But I am awfully scared I might get an infection if I don’t do so and an infection means more of pain. So, its toothpick to the rescue!
  12. manny

    manny New Member

    I just happened to come across this forum and read the posts. I read quite a few comments where it was mentioned that you use Listerine to rinse your mouth. Please do not use Listerine, scope or any other over the counter mouth washes to clean up the holes. Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water is more than enough to get the food flushed out. And please be gentle. DO NOT use toothpicks and dig into the holes to flush out the food particles lodged there. It is the worst idea ever. It can cause you serious mouth infections. Also, try and take more of liquid or semi-solid food as there are fewer chances that it will get stuck in the holes.

    The more you meddle with the hole and push objects into it to clear food, the more time it will take to get healed. Also, there are chances that there may be a blood clot inside the hole. Do not mistake it to be stubborn food particles and try to push it out from there. If you have a swelling, immediately visit your dentist. Make conscious efforts to avoid chewing near the area of extraction.

    I hope these tips will be beneficial to all you since I have answered many of your queries in my post. Good luck in getting healed soon people. As I said, stay away from the affected area; stop poking things into the hole and higher the chances you will get healed faster!