Soma max safe dosage?

Discussion in 'Pain Management & Painkillers' started by Kert, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. Kert

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    Soma works best for me but I need more than the max dosage I have been prescribed. I have been told it is unsafe for me to take more than 350mg per day, but I really need to take it 3 times a day or atleast twice a day. What do you guys do? Whats your max?
  2. JohnSnow

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    I am 205 lbs and find 3 is ideal, so I dont agree with the idea that there is a set dose per person. It depends on a case by case basis. If you are a lean short person then maybe you will be better off with 1 dose, but even so I believe technically you should be able to handle 700mg per day.
  3. Kingston

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    Soma has a rather curious action - you can basically feel its effect bigtime it for the couple of hours, and then it fades a bit, and within 4 hours you think it is gone.. But it actually does stay in the body for quite a while, and it stays effective in a milder manner. 2 or 3 350mg pills a day is fine for most.
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    I paid C.O.D for Soma from an online source from HAB..I had trouble falling asleep and I had walked 7 miles before bed.I took one pill.I usually take a half.Nothing happened and I fell asleep around 5 A.M.I awoke tired and feeling spaced out..Usually A soma for me makes me wake up refreshed..And wide awake..I just wish I could find some real Carisprodol.