Testicle massage for better balls

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  1. Damien63

    Damien63 New Member

    Just wanted to give some feedback. It has always been my thinking that a low hanging ball sack looks cool. That is the only thing that bothers me about myself, as of now. I feel that low hanging balls look and feel better. To solve this high balling issue, I started massaging my nuts.

    It has been couple of months now and I am very happy with the results. The style I used goes like this. Right after shower, with the skin supple and soft, hold your sac just above the balls. Take any lotion you like and gently work on your balls for ½ a minute. Next massage around your balls for the next minute. Third step involves stretching. Using both hands, stretch your sac downward and your penis upwards. Do around 50 of these stretches. All in all this routine should take max 5 mins.
  2. Dragonlord

    Dragonlord New Member

    Good start. Just adding my 2 cents, just grab your sac the way you hold your penis with all fingers around the shaft. Your nuts will get pushed to the bottom. With this position of your nuts, give them a gentle rolling palm massage. This causes skin to stretch and loosen. Results are visible almost instantly! You will feel lower hanging balls and your flaccid hang looks much better too.
  3. MikeWest

    MikeWest New Member

    Hey, guys! Is the ball cancer that common? How to check for cancer during the massage?
  4. ErectileReptile

    ErectileReptile New Member

    +1 to that! In my view, the biggest benefit is this massage becomes a self screener for checking ball cancer.

    Apart from that, I have seen this routine also improves cum load, better libido, stop potential turkey neck and all in all a better EQ!
  5. ErectileReptile

    ErectileReptile New Member

    Basically, what you check is to see if any changes are happening to your nut sizes.
    You may be aware both are differently sized for most of us. Just check for any hardness or, lumps. I have a weekly routine set up for this. Do it right after a shower when the balls hang low and loose. This makes it easier to grab and check. From your query, it is obvious that you have not started on this. Suggest you too start it.
  6. Dimity

    Dimity New Member

    Well. To each, his own (routine!). My way is rather simple and straight. I give a gentle rub and massage my nuts. Then go for stretches of 1 minute, 3 sets. Feels good!
  7. Cells

    Cells New Member

    Seems my nuts are more delicate than normal. I can do a max of 15 stretches. So my light routine lasts 2 mins only. Since I my routine is shorter, it may take a bit longer to see better results but, as such I am delighted with what I see.
  8. hotfoot

    hotfoot New Member

    I have started massaging right after my shower as suggested. I find that my hang has improved. The balls hang lower and they feel definitely bigger. They don’t seem to take the elevator anymore. I am doing this routine twice a day, once after the shower and the second time just before going to bed. Probably the massage improved the circulation in the area and lead to very pleasing results.
  9. desmond

    desmond New Member

    Hmm... My problem is just the reverse. Not unlike small number of guys wanting to gain weight, when rest of the world is desperate to lose it. My nuts hang low. Actually lower than my flaccid hang. I find the look very revolting. Somehow I feel that I have too much skin down under.

    Is there a way to make my balls ride higher? Also, one ofmy nuts is bigger than the other guy. Is this OK?
  10. Damien63

    Damien63 New Member

    In case you feel your balls hang too low, try doing reverse kegel exercises. They are proven to take the secret sack that wee bit higher.
  11. Zerg

    Zerg New Member

    Noob alert here! I have started massaging my balls on a nightly basis. Just curious, how long do I need to continue to see some signs of change? And, once my balls start to hang lower, do they hang like that for life??
  12. Damien63

    Damien63 New Member

    You can become the proud owner of better balls but, it takes some time to see permanent changes. 2 months at the very least. You would start noticing changes as soon as you start the testicle massage routine. Your testicles will hang lower and you will feel your sack a bit looser and more comfortable.
  13. batman

    batman Member

    I have serious doubts on the techniques being discussed here. I don’t think ball massage works in isolation. Just like you can’t have spot reduction of fat like around your middle. I believe that massage without a proper jelq will not work.
    What massage does is definitely to improve the circulation in the area. By the way, I always give my nuts a good gentle massage after my jelq routine. But, I strongly believe and have string questions on the gentle massage as the only route to ball sack low hanging nirvana.
  14. zack

    zack New Member

    I have a question. I sit down. Hold my sac with my left and massage them with my other hand. Does the way I hold my sac make a difference? Like a thumbs up or thumbs down grip, will it make a difference? And, is the oil absolutely essential. Am worried about things getting absorbed directly in to my balls.
  15. Neil

    Neil New Member

    I used massages technique to make my nuts hang really low, like I want them to. I found lotions containing aloe vera very useful. It is a natural occurring moisturizer and works brilliantly. Keep in mind that the sack kin actually absorbs the lotion that you apply. I have had a bad experience. I used to do weights and had used transdermal testosterone, that T that gets absorbed through the skin. It hit me like a sack. My next try was yet another shady web site, you know those that sell the stuff that the drug store is not allowed to. Had to visit my doctor as I had no erection for three weeks after that. Had a good talk down from my good doc. So, pl. be warned. Use good oils.
  16. Dragonlord

    Dragonlord New Member

    Regarding how to hold. Just use the OK grip. Hold your scrotum the way you would hold you penis. Leave the balls alone, to hang at the bottom. With your other hand, do the gentle massage. This does two things. One allows proper exposure of the balls so that you give them a good soft massage and the other benefit is giving a stretch at the same time.
  17. brightwit

    brightwit New Member

    I do this massage regularly. This advice came from my urologist. I had suffered injury while playing and suffered some testicular torsion.

    Coming from a doctor, this may feel a bit over the top for noobs, but here goes: using the OK grip, hold your sack. This naturally makes your nuts dive deep. Hold with a gentle tension. Stretch your flaccid penis in the opposite direction using your other hand. Start kegels and hold the stretch for 10 seconds. Gradually you can increase the duration of each stretch till 1 min. Stretch is all possible directions. Follow this with the nut massage. Again be gentle. Jelq after that.

    Coming from my doctor, these sets of exercises will improve your testicular health and at the same time improve your circulation, increase your hang and volume.
  18. bumfuzzle

    bumfuzzle New Member

    I do the massage routine regularly. I have been using flax seed oil. On advice froma friend, have started additional fish oil. Find that it has improved circulation in a big way. I can see many more veins on my member now compared with what I used to see earlier. By the way, there is nothing fishy in the way the oil smells. It is available in different aromas, my personal fav being citrus.
  19. Damien63

    Damien63 New Member

    To those who are having difficulty in understanding how to grip. Make an OK sign with your hand. You know, that thumbs up, sign. Use it and hold your balls. This stretch is similar to jelqing. Just move that hold over your nuts and your nuts will move to the bottom of your sac. Use the pam of your other hand and give your nuts a gentle circular rub. Don’t overdo it. They are quite fragile! Do these as mentioned in the opening post, 50-60 times, each would last say, a 2 sec duration.