upper left side chest pain near armpit

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  1. egghead

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    I have no idea what is going on with my body. I know any pain should not be left ignored because it is our body’s indication that something is wrong. Now what I do not know is if I should be worrying too much about it or not worry at all. It has been over a week now that I am experiencing a dull and mild pain on the left side of my chest, the area under my armpits to be precise. At times it migrates to my right side. It started last year with my breathing troubles, which have still not been diagnosed.

    My doctor feels it is a sprained muscle, but I don’t feel convinced enough. He even said that at times it could hurt a lot and seem like a heart problem when it’s actually not. He asked me not to panic as I have never had heart related issues before and my heartbeat is normal every time. Now I really do not have an idea what this could be? Has anybody else out here felt a similar pain?
  2. yahoo

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    I was in a similar situation a few months back and it tuned out that all the pain was because of acid reflux. It could be the same with you. But to be on the safer side, please get a thorough check up done by your doctor.
  3. egghead

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    Since yesterday, I have been experiencing a very weird pain that has radiated to the middle of my chest area from the armpit area. I am currently on a few painkillers and I think it is because of them because this pain was never there before I started on my meds. I also got to know that staph infections can be a major cause of chest pain. So, I doubt if I have one. Anyways, I am visiting my doc tomorrow and I shall express my concerns to him. I experienced similar symptoms during the same time of the year and I fear whatever this is, it is seasonal.
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    I have been going through incessant pain in the area under my collarbone. The pain has been there with me for some time and it hurts more when I breathe in deeply. I had an episode of pneumonia 3 years back and it was shortly after that the pain started. I do not know if it is related or if it’s just a coincidence. I was reading online about the pain and I think there is a chance this could even be costochondritis, which is an inflammation of ribs. These are the possibilities that I have drawn up and I am planning to discuss about the same with my doctor. I just want it to be diagnosed so that the pain can be treated and warded off at the earliest.
  5. egghead

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    I spoke to my doctor about it and she dint seem to be concerned about my chest pain because according to her I got it during same time of the year last year and I got it this year as well. So, according to her it is some kind of seasonal allergy that is in the air. I have been prescribed Claritin and hopefully things will get better for me. If it doesn’t, then I think I better show it to some good specialist
  6. carly

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    My daughter suffers from asthma and she has these pain symptoms similar to yours. What we do in her case is we give her albuteral inhalers; the pain goes off the very instant, giving her a sound sleep. So, maybe you can discuss with your doctor and take the same if he recommends.
  7. egghead

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    I have already tried albuterol inhalers because my ENT initially thought I suffered from mild asthma. But it was of no use at all in my case- it neither did any good or bad because I did not have asthma in the first place.
  8. gumshoe

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    Interesting, my son too is asthmatic too and takes inhalers to alleviate pain. It works for him but the same thing did not work in my case when I tried to ward off my pain. It made me jitterier.
  9. Regina42

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    eggheadegghead Mine started with breathing troubles and my doc thought it was asthma. Then it started paining; first in my chest, then into my arms and ribs and also in the area between my armpits and my breast. The breathing issues accompanying the pain scared the hell out of me. And now, my doctors have finally arrived at spinal troubles after vainly treating me for heart troubles and many other issues under the sun for a number of years.

    My damage is now deemed permanent. If your doctors haven’t checked for spinal or nerve issues, please suggest it to them yourself and urge them to have a serious look.
  10. gumshoe

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    I want to know if you still experience pain while breathing. The doc I am seeing now said that my last resort is to get a discogram done. But he ain't sure about which disc it has to be done on. So, he brushed my case aside saying it would do me more harm than any good. So what step should I take now? Should I get myself referred to a neuro-specialist? Please do suggest!
  11. egghead

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    What is the relationship between breathing troubles and spinal issues? If it has to do something with each other, then I wouldn’t be surprised because I do feel it could be a back trouble in my case. I have been having a type of aching and stiffness in my back for many years now. But I never associated with the pain under my collarbone area. But I think to rule out the chances of spinal issues, I should go to a specialist and get myself consulted at the earliest.
  12. funny.bunny

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    Whenever I have some back issues I always hang on a bar. For a minute, two, I can shake just a little to help my spine "straight out". I'm not a professional and don't know if it really does anything. But it helps, maybe just mentally, I don't care. I still feel better afterwards.
  13. Brent Foust

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    You can visit a heart specialist. If your ECG and other diagnostic tests related to heart issues are normal, there is no need to worry. It could be minor problem such as acidity or muscle sprain. It is always best to consult a doctor.