What is the difference between oxycodone and roxicodone?

Discussion in 'Pain Management & Painkillers' started by Teddy, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. Teddy

    Teddy New Member

    What is the difference between oxycodone or Percocet and Roxicodone? I feel both are the same, except for the fact that Roxi does not contain aspirin. The reason I am asking this is because I have been having gnawing stomach aches for the past 2 months and I have been prescribed Percocet/oxycodone. Initially, I was on hydrocodone till my doc decided to change it to oxy 2 weeks back and I have been stomach sick since then. Does anyone feel I should ask my doc to put me on Roxicodone instead? Is it going to make any difference? I have permanent nerve damage, a torn disc and spondylosis and terrible fybro. Appreciate your suggestions!!!
  2. chip

    chip New Member

    Let me explain the difference to you. Percocet is a combination of oxycodone plus APAP/Tylenol. But if you switch to Roxicodone, then it would only be oxycodone without APAP. I feel it is the Tylenol that is making your stomach sick as it is present in hydrocodone as well. I hope now the concept is clear to you.
  3. Teddy

    Teddy New Member

    Thanks a lot for explaining the difference. I thought percocet had aspirin in them. I did not know it was Tylenol. But what I want to know is if there is any difference in both when it comes to relieving pain?
  4. chip

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    I think you have got confused between Percocet and Percodan. Percodans are the ones with aspirin in them. Percocet is different as it contains oxycodone and Tylenol, because of which it is a stronger medicine than Roxicodone. It is even stronger than hydrocodone because the amount of Tylenol present is higher in Percocet. So I would suggest you stick with Percocet to relieve pain.
  5. Teddy

    Teddy New Member

    The drug has of course been helpful in warding off my pain, but at the same time it has brought me new set of problems with respect to my stomach. That is the only reason I want to top taking it as it affects my day to day activities. But I think I will have to put up with it. Anyways, let me have a detailed discussion with my specialist and see if he can come up with any alternative pill that suits me. Hopefully he does!!! Thanks a lot again…
  6. Lorne

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    I know what I am gonna say will sound weird to you. But that is what I have experienced. I have felt totally dissimilar effects when I have taken these pills, even if both of them are of the same dose. I could never figure out why!! Every time I have taken it, a milder dosage of Percocet has stronger effects and relieves pain better than compared to a stronger dose of roxi. I don’t know if anyone else has felt the same or has it only happened with me. Any responses will make me feel better.
  7. sJ

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    I think most of the people prefer Percocet when it comes to pain relief because Tylenol synergizes with oxycodone in Percocet and gives instant pain relief. It does not matter even if the dose is mild; it has strong effects. So go for Percocet. And regarding your stomach sickness, get it checked by your doctor if it is because of the pill or if something else is causing it.
  8. Joey

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    Percocet gives better pain relief than Roxicodone because of the presence of Tylenol in it. Also, Percocet gets digested faster than Roxicodone, giving faster results.
  9. peggy

    peggy New Member

    Is there any scientific evidence or research which shows that Percocet gets digested faster than roxicodone? How did you reach this conclusion?