Where can I buy Soma(carisoprodol) online?

Discussion in 'Pain Management & Painkillers' started by Helen, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. Helen

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    I have a history of a fractured spine that obviously never healed right. I am suffering so much with not enough access to the meds I need. I have been on soma for past 3 years and now my doctor isn't writing scripts for it. Is there any safe place where I can get it online?
  2. Kingston

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    You can try megadiscountpharma.com . I have been getting it from them for the past year. If you can wait 2 weeks for the package to arrive, they are good. Sorry to know you are in pain. I will pray for you.
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  3. JohnSnow

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    Yes. Somadril is a good brand of carisoprodol. It gives me adequate pain relief and I prefer it's partly opioid effect and partly barbituate effect. Nothing works as good for me. The doctors who deny pain meds to patients clearly have not gone through severe chronic pain themselves :(
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  4. batman

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    JohnSnowJohnSnow - Its not so simple. Many doctors in the US are stingy when it comes to prescribing Soma because of valid reasons... it's broken down in our bodies to meprobamate which was a tranquilizer in the years gone by. It can be somewhat addictive too, so not recommended to take long term.
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  5. laura714

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    medstore-online.co seem to sell Indian drugs at truly EXORBITANT prices, and as such I would blacklist them. A second reason for doing so is that they sell unapproved, illegally made, backstreet meds. SOMADRIL is NOT a legitimate brand of carisoprodol, and neither is Centurion PROSOMA. You want to spend stupid miney on pills which could be wildly different in dosage, with unknown, possibly toxic, excipients, then fair enough, you're permitted to be stupid. But fer Chrissakes, think, check, and DO HOMEWORK before parting with cash. Oh yes, they might deliver something, but do you really want to take such a risk for such a massive profit margin to whoever is responsible for these bathtub pharmaceuticals?
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  6. Rad

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    That's not true laura714laura714 . Somadril is legitimate brand in India and Icelend among other countries. It is manufactured legally in these countries by manufacturers governed by the FDA of the respective countries. About profit margins of the offshore websites, I am unsure, but I am sure there are people who buy them because the alternative is even more expensive or inaccessible (in the US).
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  7. House

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    So much anger laura714laura714 - Any bad experience with offshore pharmacies?
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  8. laura714

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    Apologies about Somadril, but I know for a fact that PROSOMA is certainly illegally made and testing at Glasgow University has found (as with PEX-2 Alprazolam, 2mg tablets being illegal in India) that the dosing is not homogeneous and some excipients have been found to be toxic - strychnine was found in Pex, and a toxic copper salt in Prosoma. Look at the blisters - the blue stamps are obviously faked and do not carry the compulsory MRP which the Health Ministry insists upon.
    As for bad experiences, yes, but many years ago now and every single one bar one in Philippines was based in Pakistan. Half strength meds and counterfeits are endemic there, and the Philippines pharm I also mentioned sent me Xanax which turned out to be reboxetine 4mg, NOT alprazolam! (Source: Police forensics report after I was found in possession of 40 which had just arrived; glad I didn't take any!
    Now I have a great set of vendors I use all the time and get top class meds for a value for money cost, no 10,000% markup like the average Pakistani place. Greenstone and Gador alprazolam are both as good as brand Xanax, but a lot cheaper.
    Remember also that you should check on whether a certain med or brand actually is availabke where you are ordering from, so many PK sites offering 'hydrocodone' yet it is NEVER found outwith the US - other analgesics are also completely unavailabke in Pakistan, so watch out and do nit be conned into buying fake Watson 853 which contain only 60mg codeine and 650mg apap!
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  9. BraxtoN

    BraxtoN New Member

    Are they still reliable? Have you purchased Soma from them recently?
  10. Kingston

    Kingston New Member

    Yes. The one website thats been my goto place. My last purchase was in Januray.