Why is lyrica a controlled substance?

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  1. estella

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    I had been to Wal-Mart yesterday to get my script filled. I already had a script written by my doctor but still they were taking a very long time. After waiting for almost 40 minutes in the queue, all they had to tell me was they needed to make a call to the doctor’s office and check with them before filling it and were blabbering about checking my chart or something like that. I was dead tired by then, standing for 40 odd minutes and with a long line of people waiting behind me, was not in a mood to listen to them. I thought it was best to leave at that moment since I already had a few samples to sustain me through the weekend. So, I left saying that I would come back later to have it filled.

    Can someone here tell me what the cashier exactly meant? I know lyrica is a controlled drug but I already had a valid prescription right! Then what was all the fuss about? I have been on it since a week (100mg/day) and for me the results are great. It has been a great relief since my legs don’t ache anymore!!!

    Why the hell is it so so controlled. They cant help your pain and so they control your meds?????
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    All the best with lyrica! But I think to start off directly on 100mgs is too much. My doc had started me off on 75mg/day and the maximum dosage I took was 300mg with only one side effect – weight gain. But I have heard not everyone falls prey to weight gain while taking this. So, do not worry. But on the positive side, Lyrica has been very helpful in relieving my pain. But coming off it was tough too!!
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    I too have been on lyrica, for 2 weeks now. I just got my dosage increased to 300mg/day. After reading your post, I looked up online for lyrica and to my surprise; it is now labelled as a controlled drug. But yes, it was highly helpful in getting rid of my pain.
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    I too was unaware of lyrica being a controlled drug till I read your post. When I looked up, I found that it is a schedule V controlled substance. I was taken aback as well. I even had a look at the prescribing information, which stated the same and it was also mentioned that in a study of recreational users, it gave a “good drug effect” or a “high”, similar to that of alcohol. I also got to know from various sources that coming off it is a tough job in itself. But that comes later, so I shall not worry now.
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    I think all of you have been kind enough to share some precise information about the drug lyrica. But I want your valuable suggestions on below:

    I am on tegretol for my systemic lupus and the lupus anti-coagulant, which have helped me in controlling my seizures. The use of this drug has been helpful in addressing my pain issues and also my epileptic seizures. Now I have come to a conclusion that lyrica could also do the same for me. I shall even discuss this with my GP but please do provide me with your suggestions as well on lyrica as well tegretol. Thanks in advance!!
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    Something that I forgot to mention in my previous post was that lyrica had caused me to have awful seizures during the initial days of taking it. But it vanished after 4 days and was never back again. And I think for those of us, who have used or are already using the drug can very well understand why it is controlled. Personally, I experienced a calming and a euphoric effect while taking the initial doses but then it started to normalize. So, I don’t think it is of much use to an addict because you have to be an occasional user in order to get the euphoric effect, but I think to be on the safer side, it would still be classified as a controlled drug.
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    I felt the same way when I took my first few doses. I felt I was drunk and in a state of trance initially, but now I don’t feel the same way when I take it. So, even I don’t think it is of any use to someone who is an addict.